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August 28 – 31: $5 class week

September 5-December 18: Fall Session
September 5: First day of fall adult & Youth Training Program classes
September 9: First day child/youth/teen classes
October 7-9: No classes for thanksgiving weekend

October 15: Annual Dance Class Marathon
October 28: Child/Youth/Teen Wear your Halloween Costumes to class day

November 1: Winter schedule released
November 4: Parent observation day
December 8: Winter early bird deadline

December 18: Last day of fall classes

January 2-5: $5 Class Week
January 8-April 22: Adult winter session
January 13-April 28: Child/youth/teen winter session

February 17-19: No classes for Family Day weekend
February 23: Camp schedule released

March 8: Spring schedule released
March 24-31: No child/youth/teen classes for Spring Break

April 19: Last day of adult winter classes
April 22: Spring Early Bird deadline
April 23-27: $5 class week
April 28: Last day of child/youth/teen classes

April 30-June 23: Spring session
May 19-21: No classes for Victoria Day weekend
May 25: Summer schedule released

June 15: Camp early bird deadline
June 25: Summer early bird deadline
June 26-28: $5 class week
July 2-August 24: Summer camp session
July 3-August 9: Summer session
July 20: Fall schedule released

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