DJD is committed to education, and sharing our love of jazz music and dance with students in schools in a fun and energetic atmosphere. Dance feeds the soul, nourishes the heart, invigorates the body, challenges the mind, builds community and empathy, and puts groove in every step.


A DJD residency will introduce students to the spirit, life and history of jazz dance. Available for students K-12, a residency is appropriate for a specific grade group, a supplement to an existing dance program or for full school participation.

Focus options for K-6


Each class/grade will be assigned a different era in the vast timeline of jazz music/dance history. In depth exploration of the assigned era will culminate in learning a dance created for them from, or inspired by that era.


Each class will be assigned a different jazz musician to focus on for the week. Time will be spent investigating and dancing to music by (but not limited to) that artist. A dance will be created to music from that artist.

Physical and Creative

Each class will be led through different exercises/games/structures that will build an understanding of the physical and creative aspects of jazz dance. A dance will be created for each group with student-generated material integrated into the choreography.


Different focus each day (not ideal if the school is looking for a week’s end performance). Each class will be led through a different form/focus of jazz dance each day of the residency. Swing, blues, West African, funk, hip hop, improvisation, and rhythm games are a few of the options that will be explored.


  • Length of DJD residency: 2-30 days
  • Availability: September-June (subject to teacher availability, please contact DJD to confirm dates)
  • Fee: $750/day + GST which provides a unique Artist In Residence unique to your school (no cookie-cutter programming here!), professional instructors (one for every 150 students), drumming ensemble to accompany our special West African exploration, a program that is process or product-oriented.
  • Technical requirements: Sound system(s) with iPod/Mp3 hook up


In-school Workshops & Student Play/Sports Day

Bring DJD to your school! Workshop styles can include: Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Bollywood, or West African.


  • Fee: Minimum $200 +GST
  • Availability: Throughout the school year (Subject to teacher availability)
  • Number of students: Dependent upon the size of space

Workshop at DJD

Bring your students to the DJD Dance Centre for workshops lead by some of Calgary’s leading dance instructors. Workshop styles can include: Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Bollywood, West African.


  • Fee: Minimum $200 +GST
  • Availability: Throughout the school year (Subject to teacher and studio availability)
  • Number of students: Up to 30, multiple workshops can happen at a time.

A Day at DJD

Bring your students to the DJD Dance Centre! Groups will be lead through a 1-1.5 hour workshop in jazz, then meet the professional company dancers and observe them in rehearsal for an upcoming dance production.


  • Fee: $500+GST
  • Availability: Throughout the school year (Subject to teacher and company availability)
  • Number of students: Up to 30

Math in Motion

Math in Motion is a program that was created in collaboration with Telus Spark. It provides students grades K-6 with a chance to learn about mathematical concepts up and away from their desks, free of pencils and rulers, using their bodies to explore numbers, shape, space, and pattern.


  • Each class runs for 45-mins
  • Suitable for grades 1-6

Math in Motion takes place at Telus Spark, visit for more information.


Professional Development Workshops

DJD offers workshops that will specifically address the needs of Calgary and area school teachers. Workshops may include:

  • Jazz: Warm-up basics, Across the floor possibilities, Creating choreography, Swing dance, Historical importance of jazz, and Understanding jazz music
  • Hip Hop: History, Style, Basics and Foundations
  • West African: Introduction to the form
  • Modern/Contemporary Dance: Basics


  • Fees: From $200 +GST/workshop
  • Classes are held at the DJD Dance Centre
  • Open to all dance teachers (grade 7-12)


Team Building Workshops

A DJD Arts in Education faculty member will come to your school to send your teachers back to class! Your staff will come to understand what students experience during a DJD residency or workshop. Professional development elements exist within the context of the workshops that will help expand on existing physical education initiatives, add movement to a music program, and inspire your staff to get their students moving! A great team-building event!


  • Length: 1-1.5 hours
  • Fee: $200+GST
  • Open to: All schools in the Calgary area


DJD offers your students and their chaperones a unique opportunity to attend a live performance at the DJD Dance Centre. Your school will receive reduced-price tickets to one of our dress rehearsals or special Student Matinee performances.

Student Matinee Performances:

  • Nervous Systems – Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Dress Rehearsal Performances:

  • OLD/NEW/BORROWED/BLUE – Wednesday, January 18, 2023
  • Nervous Systems – Wednesday, April 26, 2023

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