About the Program

Launched in 2013 as a pilot program by Anne Flynn (Professor Emerita, Dance, University of Calgary) and Vicki Adams Willis (Founder in Residence, DJD), Dancing Parkinson’s YYC provides dance classes for people with Parkinson’s disease. Research has demonstrated that dancing improves motor and cognitive functions in Parkinson’s patients and positively impacts quality of life. With live musical accompaniment and a focus on rhythm, body awareness, muscle development, coordination and socializing, the DPYYC classes have proven to be an uplifting and restorative experience for participants.

Program Details

In-studio and virtual classes are available. In-studio classes take place in Studio 1 at the DJD Dance Centre.

Unlimited classes are available with a $50 annual registration fee per person.

New participants may join at any time!

For more information about the program and to register please contact us at


Dancing Parkinson’s YYC program director, Vicki Adams Willis, teacher Krista White and musician Sheldon Zandboer created this video class for The Parkinson Association of Alberta’s Motivation Monday series in June. This low impact class is an introduction to a cross-section of material from the program. If you wish to participate in this sample class you will need a sturdy chair for the first exercise sequences.

Key Dates — 2022/2023

January 10, 2023

Winter Session Begins

April 18, 2023

Spring Break - No Classes

April 25, 2023

Spring Session Begins

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