Borderland – The music

By kanderson
2 min read | January 15, 2015

As we get closer to the opening night of Borderland, an up-close, unadorned, experimental evening of dance choreographed and performed by the DJD dancers. we will feature each of our dancers/choreographers with a blog post about their experiences in creating Borderland. First up is Dinou Marlett Stuart giving us an inside look at how she choose the music for her piece.

I spent a long time listening to music for this piece. Usually, I set my iPod to shuffle for weeks and hope for the magic spark….I didn’t have  that luxury this time. I asked everyone for suggestions and went from there.

One band that really got my juices going was BADBADNOTGOOD. The beats that they throwing down were amazing. A strong contender was the song Hedron. Listen to BADBADNOTGOOD

Another artist that I am being extremely moved by is Ibrahim Maalouf. Questions & Answers is one of my favs. Listen to Ibrahim Maalouf

I have also had The Crow by DJ Food on my iPod for ages and every time I listen to it something new comes out. Listen to DJ Food

I came across an artist named Matt Ulery and bought his album on a whim. When I listened to it, I was transported to some amazing other worlds. By a Little Light was in the running for a long time….I didn’t end up using it but I did choose another song by him. Listen to Matt Ulery

I guess you will have to come to the show to hear it 😉