Black & White Ball – Make Up Tutorial #1

By Ashley Brodeur
3 min read | February 22, 2018


Bobi Miron is a freelance makeup artist in Calgary and surrounding area. She graduated in 2005 from En Vogue Aesthetic Studio in Cluj, Romania but has been experimenting with makeup since she was 12 years old.

Bobi created two signature looks for the Black and White Ball that will have you looking fab for the ball!

Look # 1 – old hollywood glamour

Before applying any foundation, concealer or powder- start with your eyes. Bobi suggests this as it is easier to clean up any fallout from eye shadow.


1. Beginning with eyes, apply a primer and skin tone shadow or powder

2. Define crease with a light shade of brown. This is something Bobbi suggests and does with every look.

3. Clean up fallout with a makeup wipe under eyes.

Pro Tip: For blue or green eyes, use a brown that has a purple undertone so it’s richer and more likely to make those eyes pop! For brown eyes, warmer browns are ideal. You can even take a risk and try a shade of orange.


1. With liquid or gel liner, start from the outside and work your way in. Sketch a short line from the outer corner of the eye, as though following the curve of the lower lash line.

Rule of thumb: match end of eyebrows and bottom lash-line. This depends on your eye shape so you may have to adjust the angle of the wing.

2. After that, you can decide the thickness and length of your wing. Draw a line all the way across the upper eyelid, from the tear duct to the outer edge of the lower line. Remember, if you are using false lashes, the thicker the line the better as the strip will cover your line.

3.Fill in the gaps between the outer point of the liner and the lash line, ensuring that you don’t leave any empty spaces. To make a solid line and extension, Bobi used a black powder to fill in any spots to create a seamless look.

4. Apply lashes

5. On the bottom lash-line, use a medium brown working from the outside of the eye inwards

6. Add some shimmer to up the eye on the inner corner


1. Apply foundation, tinted moisturizer and concealer to your liking. Bobi suggests using a water based foundation for our dry climate in Calgary.

2. Bobi did some very minimal contouring to work with the natural face shape. She suggests a greyer tone for contouring opposed to orange as contouring is supposed to enhance a shadow. Also, avoid translucent powder and any products with an SPF higher than 20. These products can cause some flashback or white cast later in your photos.

3. Apply blush to your liking and highlight minimally to avoid over shine.



Apply red lip. If the idea of a red lipstick is quite dramatic to your usual, warm up to it! Bobi suggests using a red tinted gloss.