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Behind the Scenes of Ziriguidum- The Music

By kanderson
2 min read | April 13, 2015

In DJD’s spring show, Ziriguidum, the music plays a huge part in how the messages of the show are conveyed. This is what Rubim de Toledo, a Calgary jazz bassist and Music Director of DJD, had to say about the music of Ziriguidum.

“The show will be split up into two acts. The first will be an original choreographed performance by the DJD company dancers and the second half will feature the Brazilian dance and music group, Cia Vata. The end of act 2 will feature the final piece, which will be a collaborated performance by the DJD Company and Cia Vata. I am working with the Cia Vata members on creating a traditional Brazilian style music piece for this grand finale.

For the music being played during the DJD company performance in the first act, it is an original score of Jazz pieces. People should expect a large palette of Jazz sounds featuring interesting grooves, arrangements and compelling improvisations, which compliment the dance movement. The style varies from traditional New Orleans influenced Jazz, to Cool era swing and on to contemporary Jazz. The band for the DJD act is an acoustic jazz trio including piano, double bass and drums. I am the composer/ bassist in the band and will be accompanied by Chris Andrew on the piano and Jon McCaslin on the drums.

In Cia Vata’s act the music and instruments are highly influenced by the folkloric music of Northeastern Brazil. The music from the region is very unique and rich, boasting many of the countries in more exotic rhythms and song titles. Many of the instruments that they use are a variety of percussion instruments, as well as Pifanos (Fifes or wooden flutes) and Rabecas (Regional style fiddle). In this act the audience will be treated to a unique experience, as it is very rare to hear this style of Brazilian music outside of Brazil. It is a joyous and powerful form of music and will be a true surprise to many!”