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Jazz Roots Club

kalebdragaudreydivino2014Imagine an up and coming jazz dancer walking on the stage for his or her first professional performance. Imagine how that dancer and every dancer from now on is able to change and shape jazz dance and jazz performance for generations to come. Jazz Roots is an exclusive club for patrons that want to contribute to the ongoing evolution of jazz dance.

Make a contribution of $500 or more [view levels of support] to help support the vibrant spirit and artistic excellence of one of the world’s few professional jazz dance companies. Members have direct relationships with our professional dancers, enjoy exclusive behind-the-scenes experiences [view calendar of events], and are vital contributors to bringing original jazz works to life and to the lives of others.

Become a part of the Jazz Roots Club.

For more information contact Heather Close, Development & Communications Associate at 403-228-8181.

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