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message from the Artistic Director


In the spirit of jazz we dance…

What does that mean?

It means we are inspired by an art form that inspires us, moves us, challenges us.

It means we dance to music. Rhythmically. With bent knees and movement bubbling up from our chests, hearts, torsos. It means we embrace the moment by improvising. We dance as a community, and honour each individual and their own personal expression. It means we respect and celebrate the history, roots and traditions of jazz.

At DJD we have a growing culture, and in this culture, created in the spirit of jazz, we believe in dance for all. Come see our professional artists perform exciting concert works in our theatre; we have two productions for you this season. We are thrilled to be touring our hit show from 2017, Juliet & Romeo, within Alberta and to Ontario and the Maritimes in October and November. Please help us spread the word to your friends and family! (For tour dates and ticket information click here) We will be performing Juliet & Romeo at home in January. If you saw it last time, you should come again, it will be a little different. The biggest change is that Natasha Korney will be playing the role of the narrator- yes, this incredible dancer who taught herself to roller skate for last season’s Lovestruck is now flexing her acting muscles. It is a thrill to revisit this work with a female voice and energy weaving us through the story. Our spring performance, Beautiful Noise, will be a celebration of groove, a glimpse into the thoughts of the performers, and a really good time. With music by the Rubim de Toledo Ensemble, danced by the stunning DJD company, we hope to give you some insight into our world in this dynamic and thoughtful new piece.

Come get your own groove on in our community school. We have all kinds of classes in jazz and its vast family, for you, your mama and your baby too. We believe life is better with dance in it, don’t you?

Enjoy the season,

Kimberley Cooper
Artistic Director

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