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message from the Artistic Director

kimberley-cooper_bwIt is such a pleasure to be presenting Double Bill to you. Let me introduce our guests La Otra Orilla from Montreal, with their new piece Magnetikae. I saw them perform at the Fluid Festival a few years ago and immediately fell for them. I felt a kinship with their work, their rhythm, their approach, their whimsy. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

When Myriam Allard, co-Artistic Director and performer, told me about this new piece they were creating—Magnetikae, an Arctic Flamenco tale—taking place on an ice floe, and I saw the images they were producing, with bits of fur, a snowshoe, an ice skate, my response was to create something about heat…

I researched Calgary’s famous fires and found that just blocks from DJD, on 17th Ave and Centre St SW, there was a place called Sherman Roller Rink that burned down in February of 1915. This incident and some of the facts and folklore around it became the seeds from which this story grew. I’d like to thank Brian MacNeil—the brilliant lighting designer for Lovestruck, who was instrumental in researching this piece.

Double Bill is truly two shows in one. Two unique Canadian companies, two unique Canadian premieres. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Kimberley Cooper

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