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Decidedly Jazz Danceworks (DJD) is a 36-year-old Calgary based dance organization dedicated to the rich history and traditions of jazz dance. We dance in the spirit of jazz and recognize ourselves as guests in the form born out of Black American culture and the African American experience. DJD’s professional company is creation based and works with live music as much as possible. The aesthetic of our work is historically rooted and evolutionary, rhythmic and percussive, and has been called “music for the eyes”.



fall for dance north 


Fall for Dance North is an annual festival in Toronto that celebrates dance, this year they have taken their festival online.

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks is thrilled to be a part of Fall For Dance North Festival – The Flip Side, 2020 Signature Program, a livestream event presented in collaboration with Harbourfront Centre, featuring 6 world premieres.

DJD will be performing a premiere of a new work from Beautiful Noise titled Terra. Terra, the name of this tune composed for DJD by Brazilian bassist Rubim de Toledo, means earth in Portuguese. Driven and grounded movement creates the core of the work. At times the dancers seem to pull the rhythm out of the floor; at other times they push it in. They dance as though on a hot surface, or one that is taut and resilient. The dancers and musicians converse constantly, yet it’s not necessarily about what each is saying but about what hangs in the air between them.

watch the performance on-demand on until october 25 – tickets are $15



Fall For Dance North Festival – The Flip Side also has many other offerings for free from 100+ artists which include livestreamed dance works, a podcast series, interactive programs, a workshop series and artist talks.


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