Nervous Systems

APRIL 27 – MAY 14, 2023

Thank you for joining us for Nervous Systems.

Artistic Director’s Message

Kimberley Cooper

But doesn’t it seem magical?

That we can get hungry, and sleep, and get turned on? That we can run fast, play an instrument, dance? That we can look at someone and our pupils dilate, and our heart races, or feels like it’s actually breaking.  That we can decide we like those shoes, or that song. That we can express our ideas, heck, that we can even have ideas. The human body is an incredible thing, we all have one and perhaps sometimes we become ordinary to ourselves, but truly, aren’t we a world of wonder?

And so much of this is because of our nervous system- the telegraph lines that control us, regulate us, keep us pumping and bumping. It’s wild when you think about how much is going on inside us, even while we are just sitting, even when we are just sleeping.

I think that is what Nervous Systems is about- the wonder of us. Sometimes the band is the brain, the dancers the body, sometimes that flips, sometimes we look deeper into the internal workings of the central and peripheral nervous systems, and we will try to explain what we are doing while we are doing it…

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Nervous Systems features the DJD Company dancers Shahrzad Ahmadi, Thys Armstrong, Scott Augustine, Cassandra Bowerman, Sabrina Comanescu, Catherine Hayward, Kaja Irwin, Natasha Korney, Mara Liao Esnard, Simeon Peters and Shemar Herbert (Apprentice)



Nervous Systems features original live music played by a four piece band led by Calgary musician and trombonist Carsten Rubeling. Featuring Carsten Rubeling on trombone and keyboards, Daniel Nava on bass, Luis Tovar on percussion and André Wickenheiser on trumpet.



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