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Artist in Residence

A DJD residency is an intensive series of workshops, which introduce students to the spirit, life and history of jazz dance for grades K-12. A residency is great for a specific grade group, a supplement to any existing dance program or full school participation

dsc00768_small_cropDJD Artist in Residence Focus Options K-6

  1. Historical
    Each class will be assigned a different era in the vast timeline of jazz music/dance history. Each class will explore their era in depth and have a dance created for them to music either from that era or inspired by that era.
  2. Biographical
    Each class will be assigned a different jazz music artist to focus on for the week. Time will be spent investigating and dancing to music by (but not limited to) that artist. A dance will be created to music from that artist.
  3. Physical and Creative
    Each class will be led through different exercises/games/structures that will build an understanding of the physical and creative aspects of jazz dance. A dance will be created for each group with student-generated material integrated into the choreography.
  4. Different focus each day (not ideal if school is looking for a week’s end performance)
    Each class will be led through a different form/focus of jazz dance each day of the residency. Swing, Blues, West African, Funk, Hip Hop, Improvisation, Rhythm games….are a few of the options that will be explored.
  5. Literary
    Using jazz music and/or jazz dance books that can be supplied by DJD or those found by the school, classes will be inspired by the poetry/prose or illustrations to create their week’s end dance. Time will also be spent learning basic jazz vocabulary and creative dance elements. This residency works best as a 10 day residency.


Length of DJD residency: 2-30 days
Maximum number of students:  300/week
Number of DJD artists at your school: 1-3
Availability: September-June (subject to teacher availability, please contact DJD to confirm dates)
Fee: $660-1000/day  (minimum fee of $3300/week) which provides a unique Artist In Residence unique to your school (no cookie-cutter programming here!), professional instructors (one for every 150 students), drumming ensemble to accompany our special West African exploration, a program that is process or product oriented… you choose, we deliver!


Sound system(s) with iPod/Mp3 hook up




Funding assistance is available through the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Artists and Education Grant.
Deadline for grant applications is April 1

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