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Creative Residency Program

The DJD Dance Centre Creative Residency Program is a program that aims to encourage the independent dance artist sector in Calgary and nationwide. The residency program has been created to support the research, development, and/or final phase of production for independent choreographers working on specified, self-directed projects that are targeted for production. During the residency, artists will have access to one studio at the DJD Dance Centre free of charge for the duration of their residency. This arrangement is designed to allow choreographers to work and grow in a concentrated manner and with as few limits as possible to the choreographer’s creative energies.


Creative Residency recipients


Kyrsten Blair & Tina Guthrie Kate Stashko
Mark Ikeda Linnea Swan
Melanie Kloetzel Pamela Tzeng
Rebecca Sawdon
Su Lin Tseng

The Creative residency program is proudly supported by:




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