27 Apr

Cooking with DJD

Monday, April, 27, 2020

Coming together and sharing a meal is the one of most communal and binding things in almost every place around the world and our DJD community is no different. Many of our greatest memories surround breaking break together, from our famous potluck lunches to late night snacks after the Black & White Ball to post show nibbles on opening night. In this Cooking with DJD blog series we will step into the kitchen with company dancers and administrative staff to see what they are cooking during this time of social distancing.

Up first is Kaja Irwin:

Hey everyone!!! I’m Kaja and am a Company Dancer with DJD as well as a teacher in the DJD school. I love cooking, baking and most kitchen experiments and explorations! I have a bit of problem collecting cookbooks, a trait I inherited from my mum and we continue to feed (ha!) into each other’s habit. Like the rest of the world, I am loving all things Alison Roman, I can’t help it! Her recipes are great and accessible every time, her writing style is fun and her relaxed approach to home cooking is something I can really get behind. I chose two recipes from her newest cookbook, nothing fancy, Salmon with Soy and Citrusy Charred Scallions (which I have made before) and Smashed Cucumbers with Sizzled Turmeric and Garlic (which I haven’t). Both are so good and so easy!! ALSO, the salmon is incredible as leftovers cold with one of my favourite styles of covid lunches, wasa crackers, hummus, random sliced vegetables, olives, nuts, cheese, some apple slices and if I’m lucky, leftover citrusy soy salmon!!! Hope you enjoy : )

Sidenote re: photos- I am definitely not skilled at food photography and yes, my cooking area is covered in lettuce I am trying to grow, ha!

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