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Jazz Extension

djd-students-046DJD’s Jazz Extension is a program designed for experienced dancers who are looking to bridge the gap between studio training and a pre-professional career. The program uses cross-Canada auditions to select 10-12 dancers each season. Once the dancers are selected, DJD creates a class schedule of approximately 11 hours of dance classes a week for each one. This unique training opportunity builds on the strengths of the dancer as well as focusing on any areas requiring further attention. Personal mentoring and feedback sessions are key to each dancer’s growth during the program. Lastly, each dancer is given performance opportunities to round out their experience in Jazz Extension.

Auditioning for Jazz Extension occurs during DJD’s Cross-Canada audition tour (Spring) and each year in mid to late August. For information on the upcoming national audition dates and locations click here. Please contact Joanne Baker at 403.616.9640 for more information on the audition process and/or to register to audition.


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