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  • MAY 27-JUNE 14 – Jazz Dance Spring Intensive
  • JUNE 11-25 – Afro/Jazz Grooves classes with Michele Moss
  • JUNE 12-26 – Kaeja Elevations classes with Sylvie Moquin

See below for more info and registration for all events

Jazz Dance Spring Intensive

Be a part of the DJD Experience at the University of Calgary  
May 27 to June 14, 2019
U of C Campus

  • Train at the University of Calgary with talented people of DJD: Artistic Director Kimberley Cooper, and former dancers Joanne Baker and Jamie Freeman Cormack
  • Attend Special Event Fridays at the DJD Dance Centre, including lectures by DJD Founder in Residence Vicki Adams Willis
  • Learn DJD signature repertory, study the roots of jazz, DJD style and delve into creative process with Artistic Director Kimberley Cooper
  • Perform in a final showing at the DJD Dance Centre


TUESDAY JUNE 11, 18 & 25

JUNE 11 – Groove n’ Style – REGISTER HERE
Moving by imitation- no chatter just lead and follow for the most part while digging a varied soundtrack from the African diaspora*.

JUNE 18 – Feel n’ Inspiration – REGISTER HERE
Mining your own inspiration and response to a jazz and diaspora* soundtrack. This has you learning short choreographies and adding your own response tags.

JUNE 25 – Licks n Riffs Accordingly –  REGISTER HERE
What does the music tell us about history and tradition? Let’s dig the various jazz sounds, get to know the nature of certain instruments and embody them using short choreographies and modest improvisation structures. Live music

*diaspora: The African diaspora consists of the worldwide collection of communities descended from native Africans or Africa’s peoples, predominantly in the Americas

The average skill level of participants will determine the level of class. This series of classes is based on participants natural groove and connection to music, not technical ability. All levels welcome.


WEDNESDAY JUNE 12, 19 & 26

Sylvie Moquin is a Calgary based dance artist, performer, choreographer and educator. She has received her certification as a Kaeja Elevations (KE) teacher, and is excited to share this exciting method! KE is an approach to partnering where all gender, experience and physique are on a level playing field. Rooted in contact improvisation, KE relies on the architectural structure of two bodies interacting while complimented by gravity, momentum, propulsion, breath and flow. KE has been defined and created by Allen Kaeja, and developed from over three decades of refined exploration and collaboration with Karen Kaeja, both Artistic Directors of Kaeja d’Dance (Toronto). The Kaeja sensorial warm-up process and approach to improvisation has been co-created/developed by both of them. In this workshop, Sylvie will share her new found connections and knowledge of the Kaeja method, explore contemporary partner work, and break down the mechanics to flight. You will work collectively to safely soar through the air! No prior experience with Kaeja techniques required.

This level is appropriate for dancers with basic understanding of movement and dance terminology and execution. Two or more years at a Beginner level is recommended. The pace at an intermediate level is steady and progressive, but allows for the joy of movement to be strongly present in all classes.

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