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A FUNDRAISING EVENT IN SUPPORT OF The DJD children’s bursary fund

Sunday, NOVEMBER 18, 2018
CLASSES: 9:30 am-6:00 PM (Join In Anytime)

Come move move move move with us for 8 hours of fun and dance at our 25th annual Dance Class Marathon. This event is for anyone and everyone over the age of 13 who love to dance and move – yes…beginner to advanced dancers are welcome. There are 23 different classes to choose from. And 8 full hours to get your groove on (but you can do as much or as little as you feel comfortable with). 

Like with any fundraising event, raising funds is part of the fun. The more people you get to pledge money to your day of dancing and DJD, the better your chances to win some great prizes. And who doesn’t love prizes?! This year the funds that you raise will go towards our Children’s Bursary Fund. Each year DJD awards over 75 youth with dance scholarships, with your support we hope to engage even more hopeful dancers!

So register today, start collecting those pledges…and then rest up because November 18 will come sooner than you think.


There are 3 pricing levels for this years marathon.

  1. Full Marathon $80 (includes all marathon classes, DJD shirt, DJD bag & 5 class card) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
  2. Half Marathon $60 (includes 4 classes plus 2 group class, DJD shirt & DJD bag)CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
  3. 5K $40 (includes 2 classes plus 1 group class & DJD shirt) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Raise Funds

The Dance Class Marathon is a vital fundraising event in support of DJD, which enriches lives through the art of jazz dance and music. DJD is the only full-time professional jazz dance company in Canada and the fifth largest Canadian dance company by budget size. As a registered charity, DJD relies on community support to create magical, affordable evenings of dance and offer numerous Arts in
Education programs reaching thousands of Alberta students each year. This year the funds raised from the Dance Class Marathon will be directed to our Children’s Bursary Fund.


  • Raise $1000 in pledges and we will name a seat in our theatre after you & an entry into our Grand Prize Draw
    ($700 value)

  • Raise $500 in pledges and receive a 10 class card ($240 value) & an entry into our Grand Prize Draw
    ($700 value)

  • Raise $250 in pledges and receive two tickets to one production in our 17/18 season & an entry into our Grand Prize Draw ($700 value)
  • Raise $100 in pledges and receive two drop-in passes & a DJD dance bag
  • Raise $50 in pledges and receive a DJD dance bag
  • Door Prizes will be drawn every hour
  • The Grand Prize Draw winner will receive a package valued at $700. (packages includes two tickets to both the winter and spring DJD shows, two tickets to the Black & White Ball and a private group dance class)


9:30-10:00  Group warm up (group class)
Funk Jazz
11:00-12:00 Musical Theatre West African Hip Hop
12:00-1:00 Ballet Barre Works Caribbean Yoga
1:00-2:00 Group Soca with Sabrina (group class)
2:00-3:00 Modern Samba Jazz Across the Floor
3:00-4:00 Pow-Wow Dance Belly Dance Bollywood
4:00-5:00 Hip Hop Diva Style Swing
5:00-6:00 Recovery/Stretch Yoga
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