June 24-27, 2024

Before the start of each new session we offer our students (and potential students!) a week to try out our classes to make sure you are getting the right fit. As we know navigating levels and styles can be tricky so we encourage you to try a class for yourself, or just try something new for the fun of it because isn’t that what dance is really about!?

Our $5 class week is open to all levels of adult dancers beginner to advanced. Online registration is now open. Click the sign up button in the schedule below to save your space in class.





Bringing comfort, understanding, and mastery of foundational elements of jazz (bending of the knees, movement of the torso, rhythm, personal expression) to the forefront, classes explore some of the core styles of jazz dance. Swing, Funk, and Latin styles will be introduced using music from iconic jazz artists such as Duke Ellington, Earth Wind and Fire, and Tito Puente!


Join our well-traveled teaching team and immerse yourself in the rhythms, dances and songs of West Africa. Classes are accompanied by our wonderful drumming ensemble.


We believe that the understanding of foundational styles and proper execution go hand in hand with personal style. Our instructors will bring their passion and dedication of hip hop culture to their students through the exploration of popping, locking, top rock, breaking, and video style.


Whether you are learning the basics of toe and heel drops, or are ready to shuffle off to buffalo and beyond, the Rhythm Tap classes at DJD provide solid technical foundations and fun rhythmic play.


Dancehall is a Caribbean genre and subculture born out of Jamaica. This high-energy class focuses on groove, personal style, and 'riddim' (Jamaican patois for rhythm)


Ballet Beats® is a Ballet based fitness method. The instructor will guide you through combinations of movements that are easy to follow and beautifully choreographed to the music. You will experience the perfect marriage of dance and fitness! This workout will get you moving, sweating and mastering the art of Ballet. All levels of fitness are welcome and no dance experience is required!

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