1 Dec

Meet new DJD Company Apprentice Rubens Lopes

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It’s about time you met Rubens. This brilliant young man from Brazil has been dancing with DJD for the past few months. You probably noticed him in Year of the Horse, wondering “who is that guy”? Here’s his story: Name: Rubens Lopes Age: 26 Birthday: December, 14 Home town: Fortaleza, Brazil Years dancing: 10 Why …

18 Jun

Day in the life: Sylvie Moquin

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To continue our Day in The Life Series we spoke with DJD Professional Training Program Member Sylvie Moquin about her daily routine and about dance. Here’s our Q&A with Sylvie. Please state your name, age, place of birth, current place of residence? Sylvie Moquin. 23. Born and grew up in Ottawa, Ontario. Lived in Toronto, …

22 Apr

Day in the Life: DJD Technical Director Cameron Clowe

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When you take your seat in the theatre to catch the latest performance by DJD, like the most recently passes Dancers In Love, you probably don’t realize how much work goes into the production and ‘behind the scenes’ management to ensure every show goes off without a hitch. We had the opportunity to sit down with …

2 Apr

Day in the Life of a DJD Dancer – Kaleb Tek

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Kaleb has been with DJD since 2006, though he’s been a dancer much longer. His day-to-day may be just that for him, but compared to a typical day job his is not your average day at the office. We sat down with Kaleb to find out how he keeps his body in tip-top shape and …

24 Mar

A day in the life of a DJD dancer

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We sat down with Catherine Hayward, a dancer with DJD, to find out exactly how a typical work-day looks for her. What we learned was super interesting. Wake-up call is 8am. As taking care of her body is a priority, she shies away from coffee, preferring to hydrate with good old water. To fuel her …

18 Mar

3 Reasons You’re Possessed About possessed

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It happens only once per year. A time when Calgary loosens up a bit, takes the tie off and puts the funk on. A time when the adult kids come out to play, have a ball, and do some… well, grooving to the music. Yes, it’s time for possessed! But what’s all the fuss about? …

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