26 Oct

Velocity Creative Process Blog Series with Kaja Irwin

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In this series we will follow the creative process of DJD company dancer Kaja Irwin for her piece in the upcoming Dancer Choreographed show Velocity. Velocity is on stage at the DJD Dance Centre from November 16-26, 2017. September 17, 2017  – Revealing the Chimera First rehearsal. The seed of an idea finally starts to take shape …

17 Apr

Behind the scenes of Ziriguidum – The story of Cia Vatá

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For the spring production, Ziriguidum, DJD is sharing the stage with Cia Vatá, a celebrated dance and music company from Brazil. Here is a bit of background to give context to the show and the performers, while watching Ziriguidum! The company was started in 1994 by Valéria Pinheiro, Cia Vata Artistic Director, Choreographer and performer. …

13 Apr

Behind the Scenes of Ziriguidum- The Music

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In DJD’s spring show, Ziriguidum, the music plays a huge part in how the messages of the show are conveyed. This is what Rubim de Toledo, a Calgary jazz bassist and Music Director of DJD, had to say about the music of Ziriguidum.   “The show will be split up into two acts. The first …

13 Apr

Hearing “Ziriguidum” for the First Time

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DJD has been working vigorously with the Cia Vata Dance Company in Brazil since May 2014 to create a spectacular show playing at Theatre Junction GRAND April 24 to May 2. The two companies will be sharing the stage and exploring this concept of “Ziriguidum,” both in the traditional Brazilian form and its meaning to …

30 Jan

Borderland – Rubens Inspiration

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The name of my piece is “Love is Water.” This piece is about sadness and struggle. In Brazil I have done dance research based on the theme of love, and I decided to continue my research in that direction. The dancers are dancing to a bossa nova. To me, the bossa nova can be both …

26 Jan

Borderland – The Music 2

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For me it always starts with the music.  It’s everything really, not just with dance but in all aspects of my life. It’s my muse. I think I started dancing in the first place because of my love for music (but only through being with DJD the past 7 years have I come to truly believe …

15 Nov

The Costumes of Year of the Horse

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We had the pleasure of sitting down with Natalie Purschwitz to talk about designing the costumes for Year of the Horse: The Completely Fictional Adventures of Josephine Baker. We asked Natalie a to explain a few things about the costumes, hoping to give you, our audience, a better taste for what goes into the process …

12 Nov

About the music: Year of the Horse Q&A with Rubim de Toledo

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  Music is the backbone to any dance production and DJD’s newest show, Year of the Horse: The Completely Fictional Adventures of Josephine Baker, is no exception. From the beginning, Year of the Horse has your feet taping and inner jazz-lover smiling. Combined with the artistic direction of Kimberly Cooper and dancing prowess of the …

8 Sep

DJD celebrates Alberta Culture Days with two events

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Alberta Culture Days is happening September 26th – 28th and is recognized as a three-day province-wide celebration of Alberta’s arts and cultural communities. Decidedly Jazz Danceworks is participating this year with two events – a public rehearsal for upcoming performance “Year of the Horse,” and A DJD family dance lesson. Here is all the info …

31 Mar

Message from Kimberley Cooper on Dancers in Love

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An excerpt of Artistic Director, Kimberley Cooper’s message from our Dancers in Love program… There must have been something in the water in Calgary in the early ‘80s, when so many amazing arts organizations were born; OYR, Loose Moose, DJD, among others. Think about what just these three organizations mean to performing arts in Calgary, …

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