People of DJD: Kayla MacKenzie

By Adriana Cueva
< 1 min read | May 23, 2022

Meet Kayla! Kayla is part of our Professional Training Program and will be performing in Footprints on May 27th & 28th. She is also one of our talented instructors teaching Diva Styles and Theatre Dance on Monday nights. Read below to see what she had to say about her experience in the program and preparing for Footprints!

1. What is your favourite class you’ve taken as part of the PTP Program? EV-ER-YY class has truly introduced me to an element of my spirit I didn’t know existed. I have deep appreciation for the diversity of our classes and the diversity of my creativity they have introduced me too. I can say I have never sweat as hard as when I am in a West African or Afro Cuban class and I love being challenged with a good workout. I truly have a new love for Tap too! The musicality and history is inspiring.

2. What has your experience been like preparing for the show after a couple years of not performing? Exhausting, empowering, brutal and in retrospect the healthiest thing I’ve done for my spirit, body and mind. I absolutely love to dance and for the first time in my life feel comfortable identifying as a dancer.

3. What is your favourite thing you’ve learned/gained from the Program? I have been able to shed some very toxic and competitive mind-frames that weren’t serving me. I have never felt more challenged and supported in a creative environment in my life. I have gained true mentorship, confidence and healthy perspective to shift my approach back to the root of why I started performing; JOY! I’ll be forever grateful for the imprint this program has left in my journey.