People of DJD: Jocelyn Mah

By Adriana Cueva
< 1 min read | May 27, 2022

Meet Jocelyn! Jocelyn is part of our Professional Training Program and will be performing in Footprints OPENING TONIGHT May 27th & 28th. Read below to see what she had to say about her experience in the program and preparing for Footprints!

1. What is your favourite class you’ve taken as part of the PTP Program?

Vicki Adams Willis’ jazz improvisation classes have been most conducive to my growth as a jazz artist. Having time to connect and respond authentically to music allows individuality and artistry to bloom. It is an honour to spend time with Vicki and learn about her experiences.

2. What has your experience been like preparing for the show after a couple years of not performing?

I am fortunate to have had opportunities to perform and create over the past two years. Creation and performance process experiences vary widely, and it’s part of the artist’s job to adapt. For every performance I am involved in, I aim to pay respect to the art form.

3. What is your favourite thing you’ve learned/gained from the Program?

Both in the PTP program and outside the program, I am working on my authenticity of movement. I am fortunate to have degrees and professional experience in my field, and array of interests and desires that leave me constantly hungry to continue on my journey of artistic development. As I get older, I get to experience the joy and growing pains that come with the process of uncovering within myself the artist I am meant to be.