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Discover Old/New/Borrowed/Blue – An Interview with Choreographer Marie France Forcier

By Miranda Botto
< 1 min read | January 18, 2023

Marie France Forcier, MFA, is a choreographer, performer, writer, and pedagogue of western contemporary dance forms. Through studio work, public performance, and community initiatives, she researches at the intersection of somatic practices, trauma studies and choreography. Her body of creative and performance work has been presented on platforms of various scales across four continents. An Associate Professor of Dance at the University of Calgary’s School of Creative and Performing Arts she is, in parallel, pursuing a PhD in Creative Practice at Liverpool John Moores University through the Transart Institute (New York/Berlin).

Click play below to watch Kimberley Cooper interview Marie and the borrowed piece for Old/New/Borrowed/Blue – RITE.