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Discover Nervous Systems – An Interview with Production Manager Sarah Minor

By Miranda Botto
< 1 min read | May 3, 2023

Sarah Minor is the Production Manager for DJD and is coming up on her one year anniversary in this role! Prior to being at DJD she could be found in the role of Company Manager at Calgary Opera. Sarah was brought to the performing arts through Stage Management, she worked as a Stage Manager for many years on projects with Lunchbox Theatre, Alberta Theatre Projects, Theatre Calgary, Stage West Dinner Theatre, Axis Theatre, Western Canada Theatre, Theatre NorthWest, and Project X Theatre, among others before transitioning to Production Management with Lunchbox Theatre in 2017. She has toured nationally and internationally, bringing theatrical arts to people who might not have the opportunity to experience it otherwise. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Victoria and has continued her training through various programs, classes and workshops with the University of Calgary.

Nervous Systems is Sarah’s first time working on a completely new show with DJD. We caught up with her to learn more about what goes into the production side of this show and how those things help bring the work of the creative team and dancers to life!

Click play below to watch the full interview with Sarah.