Black & White Ball 2020 Style Guide 1920’S Icons

By Adriana Cueva
2 min read | March 6, 2020

The Roaring 20’s were full of glamorous and unique make up looks and we think this year’s Black & White Ball is the perfect occasion to revive and have some fun paying tribute to some of the 1920s leading ladies. Below you can find three of the most famous style icons from the 1920s and read a bit about their signature styles.


Jean Harlow “Baby”

Vibe: The Original Platinum Bombshell

Go Tos: Finger curls, angel blonde hair and doll eyes.

Theda Bara “Vamp”

The Vibe: Uncommon Style

Go Tos: Exotic maximalist styles, dark smudged eyes, heavy jewellery.

Greta Garbo “The Swedish Sphinx”

The Vibe: Woman of Mystery

Go Tos: Iconic class, dark heavy lashes, wistful look into the distance.