Artistic Director’s Message From the Road – Family of Jazz Tour #2

By Kimberley Cooper
2 min read | August 13, 2023

It wasn’t supposed to go by this fast…

It’s our last day of tour, two and a half hours until our last show at the magical, legendary Jacob’s Pillow. We have been here since August 7; we have done 4 shows and a dress rehearsal since August 9. We opened on the iconic Henry J. Leir stage on the 9th, had to move inside to the Perles Studio on the 10th, back outside on the 11, back inside on the 12th and, although it’s overcast and feels like rain is coming, we are setting up to be outside for our final matinee.

The whole tour has been an adventure – three venues (well four if you count two at the Pillow) each with its own set of joys and challenges. It is amazing to wrap up here, in this place that hosts the biggest, longest dance festival in probably the world. We are now part of its 91-year history, we have sweat on this stage, we will be in the archives. The last week has been a whirlwind, there is a sense of gratitude, love and fatigue in the DJD family today.

The audiences have been digging us. Last night they were particularly vocal. It was a packed house –  the outside stage fits four times the audience of the inside space. Many were turned away and those that got in had to squish, some even sat on the floor.  Seeing the show on the big stage in the woods is spectacular, seeing it in the studio is another experience all together, it’s very intimate and super charged, the first row is so close they are practically in the show, and probably got hit with sweat a few times. I’m glad we are ending on the big stage but also excited for the people who got to have that intimate experience – they loved it.

In a few hours we will be driving to Hartford, Connecticut to stay overnight as our flight home is super early tomorrow morning. There are only a few hours left, so I’m going to try to slow down time for the next little while. And hey, look at that, the sun is coming out…

With love, on behalf of the Family of Jazz,


Photo Credit: Family of Jazz at Jacob’s Pillow. Photo by Jamie Kraus, provided courtesy of Jacob’s Pillow.