A Note from Artistic Director Kimberley Cooper

I wish it was some evening between April 23rd and May 10, and you were sitting in our theatre with a glass of wine in your hand on a beautiful spring night enjoying the perfect polished version of Beautiful Noise.  But it’s not…

I wanted to share some rehearsal footage with you.  I will admit I feel self-conscious, I am a bit of a perfectionist and this work is very much in progress, the choreography is unfinished, the dancers are still working on the movement, the music recordings were all made by the band for rehearsal purposes at the beginning of February…But these are extraordinary times and I think it is important to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and imperfect, I hope seeing these raw clips will give you insight into how much work goes into creating and performing dance, you are close to us and it’s meaningful to have this relationship with you.  Please keep in mind, we make these videos for us, as a record of how the work progresses, they were never intended for public viewing and are not even close to being as beautiful as they will be, but still, glimpses of the performance you will hopefully come experience next season.

Please, get yourself a glass of wine.

Clip 1– is the first minute of a piece we refer to as Terra- because that is what the composer- Rubim de Toledo called it. It is danced by Sabrina, Catherine and Kaja, Tasha is supposed to be in it as well, but she was sick that day.

Clip 2– is two-and-a-bit minutes of Long as You’re Living- a tune by Julian Priester and Tommy Turrentine, with lyrics by Oscar Brown Jr.  Rubim has rearranged it loosely based on the combination of a Max Roach version and an Abbey Lincoln version.

Clip 3– is part of a notion I have about giving the audience a 4-D experience.  You may have noticed in the first two clips how the camera moves in reaction to the floor; you may have also noticed this from your seat in the theatre when you have watched us in the past.  This is because our floors are all beautifully sprung (common for dance floors, but I’d argue that ours are extra soft which we all love) which makes dance easier on the body.  The theatre is also used as a studio and the entire floor, even under the seating bank, which can be put away, is sprung.  This was unexpected and worried me a little at first when we moved in because I thought the audience would hate it.  We’ve had no complaints and now I actually love it. I’ve decided to use it in this show.  What you see in this clip is us attempting to give you a bit of a rhythmic ride by purposely bouncing the floor.

I hope you enjoy these rehearsal moments and I hope you will come see the real perfect deal when it finally premieres next season.

All the best in these strange times,




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