15 Jun

Celebrating Founder-in-Residence Vicki Adams Willis

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On June 15, 2021, the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Awards Foundation announced the recipients list for the 2021 Distinguished Artist Awards, which comprises a trio of powerful women including our very own Vicki Adams Willis alongside artist  Faye HeavyShield (Blood Reserve, Kainaiwa Nation, AB), and writer and filmmaker Cheryl Foggo (Calgary, AB). We offer our sincere congratulations to all …

9 Sep


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Created: June 22, 2020 Updated: September 10, 2021 OVERVIEW This document has been created in conjunction with the guidelines as provided by Alberta Government. VIEW GUIDANCE DOCUMENT PROOF OF VACCINATION UPDATE In accordance with the most recent AHS guidelines, beginning Monday, September 20th all classes for those 18+ will require one of the following to …

24 Jun

Summer Camp Protocols & Policies

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Created: June 22, 2020 Updated: This document will be updated as needed to be compliant with any AHS guideline updates. OVERVIEW This document has been created in conjunction with the guidelines as provided by Alberta Health Services (AHS) for the COVID-19 Phase 1 Relaunch Strategy. VIEW GUIDANCE DOCUMENT STUDENT EXPECTATIONS Families are expected to familiarize …

29 Apr

International Dance Day Message 2020

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My Fellow Dancers, don’t forget what we have in us how it feels to get down and to soar to laugh and cry with our bodies and how we can physically speak in ways even poetry can’t don’t forget touch and what it feels like to sync with other bodies harmonize breath to take up …

27 Apr

Cooking with DJD

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Coming together and sharing a meal is the one of most communal and binding things in almost every place around the world and our DJD community is no different. Many of our greatest memories surround breaking break together, from our famous potluck lunches to late night snacks after the Black & White Ball to post show nibbles on …

27 Mar

Happy 36th Birthday DJD!

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Please enjoy a poignant birthday message from our Artistic Director, Kimberley Cooper. Happy 36th Birthday DJD! Forgive me for being extra sentimental today. Sometime shortly after we moved in to the DJD Dance Centre, someone asked me to write something for something, I can’t remember what… I imagined I was the building and wrote this …

21 Jan


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Juliet and Romeo: a beautifully haunting reimagining of the “star-cross’d lovers” for the 21st century By Curtis Petrie Decidedly Jazz Danceworks’ Juliet and Romeo is a 21st century meta take on William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Kimberley Cooper and Cory Bowles’ adaptation is sinuous proof of the eternal relevance of the Bard’s version. The trope of the star-crossed …

19 Nov

Artistic Director’s Message From the Road

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MESSAGE FROM THE ROAD Wednesday, November 13 Here we are in St. Catharines Ontario. I’m sitting in my hotel room waiting for my laundry to finish. It’s easy to lose track of days as time is all slippery on the road. It snowed A LOT here on Monday, which meant cancelling some of our workshops …

18 Apr


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It feels like we have been talking about this show for some time. Kim was always going to Old Trout shows and noticing how the performers were in a state of dance connected with the puppets, and Pete has been sneaking into the tap classes at DJD for years trying to quench his desire to …

16 Nov


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The act of making dance is not for the faint of heart. To pull movement from the air and your body, to speak through that movement, to be abstract, to be literal, and see your ideas through a jazz lens is a huge challenge. It takes courage, rigour, and ideas. It can feel like being …

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