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Wednesday, June, 24, 2020

Created: June 22, 2020
Updated: This document will be updated as needed to be compliant with any AHS guideline updates.


This document has been created in conjunction with the guidelines as provided by Alberta Health Services (AHS) for the COVID-19 Phase 2 Relaunch Strategy. VIEW GUIDANCE DOCUMENT


  • Students are expected to familiarize themselves with all published protocols and policies prior to entering the facility. These protocols will be emailed to you upon reserving your space in class.
  • All students will be asked to complete the COVID19 self-screening tool prior to entrance into the studio and commencement of any activity. Any student that is exhibiting any symptoms cannot enter the facility or participate. VIEW SCREENING TOOL HERE
  • Students who become symptomatic during an activity are required to be isolated from others and must return home immediately.
  • Students must have their space reserved in class no later than 2 hours before the class start time. Space can be reserved online or over the phone. Walk up reservations will not be accepted at this time.
  • Students are required to practice proper hand hygiene (wash or sanitize hands upon entering and exiting the facility and after touching any commonly touched surfaces) and practicing proper respiratory hygiene (sneeze or cough into elbow or tissue)
  • Students are welcome to wear masks in common areas but should not wear masks during physical activity, as this is not recommended by AHS.
  • Students are asked to arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start of class and will be asked to leave within 10 minutes after class finishes.
  • Students should arrive ready for class (dressed to dance with a change of indoor shoes, a full water bottle and a yoga mat if your class requires the use of one)
  • Students will go directly to their assigned studio, one of our staff members will sign you in


  • In conjunction with our professional cleaning service provider facility cleaning will be increased and enhanced. Common areas will be disinfected regularly.
  • All visitors to the centre are expected to maintain a distance of two metres (2m) from one another in common areas within the studio. Physical distancing markers will be placed in various locations within common areas to assist with adequate distancing.
  • Way-finding signage will be posted to mark exits and entrances to streamline the flow of traffic
  • The elevator will be dedicated to “up” trips only and the number of people allowed in the elevator will be reduced to 4 at one time
  • The parkade will be accessible by stairs via The Kahanoff Centre lobby
  • One stairwell will be used for “up” access and one stairwell will be dedicated to “down” access
  • Restrooms and change rooms will be open; however we ask that students try to reduce their use of these amenities.
  • Use of seating in common areas is discouraged but will be available and adequately physically distanced for those who need this amenity.
  • All communal use items will be removed from waiting areas (magazines, toys, ect)
  • The water fountain will be open for use to fill bottles, no drinking from the fountain will be permitted.
  • Hand sanitizer and facial tissue will be widely available throughout the facility
  • In conjunction with our HVAC provider and with our building operator the DJD Dance Centre will optimize our fresh air intake as well as our humidity levels throughout the facility.
  • All staff & teachers will be subject to the COVID19 self-screening tool prior to the commencement of each shift/class


  • In conjunction with our professional cleaning service provider facility cleaning will be increased and enhanced. Studios will be disinfected prior to each class
  • Class capacity will be reduced to allow for two metre distancing between each participant
  • Classes that we have deemed as higher intensity (Barre, Limbus & West African) will be programmed in studio 2 to maximum distancing
  • Floors will be marked with physically distanced place markings
  • Teachers will use microphones to project their voices so not to yell.
  • Students in ballet classes will only have one student per barre.

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