29 Apr

International Dance Day Message 2020

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My Fellow Dancers, don’t forget what we have in us how it feels to get down and to soar to laugh and cry with our bodies and how we can physically speak in ways even poetry can’t don’t forget touch and what it feels like to sync with other bodies harmonize breath to take up …

27 Apr

Cooking with DJD

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Coming together and sharing a meal is the one of most communal and binding things in almost every place around the world and our DJD community is no different. Many of our greatest memories surround breaking break together, from our famous potluck lunches to late night snacks after the Black & White Ball to post show nibbles on …

23 Apr

It should be Opening Night… (Beautiful Noise)

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It should be opening night. Adrenaline and excitement filled, chilled champagne, a great opening night outfit. Anticipation of a theatre filled with your beautiful faces waiting to see the premiere of the endless hours of work we have put our hearts, minds and bodies into… I’ve felt a lot of things in the past few …

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