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Children’s classes (2 yrs to 6/7 yrs) at DJD are offered according to age. Please register in the appropriate age group.

Youth classes (Ages 8-12 yrs) and Teen classes (Ages 13+) are based on ability. Please register at the appropriate level. If you are wondering what level your youth or teen should enroll in, please check with your child’s teacher or see below for descriptions of the levels to help you with your registration.


Youth Beginner (Ages 8-12) – Classes at the beginner level are for students with little previous dance experience or for those moving into the Youth or Teen levelled classes. These classes will introduce movement concepts at an ability appropriate and encouraging pace.


Intermediate (Ages 8-12) – This level is appropriate for dancers with a solid understanding of movement and dance terminology and execution. Two (or more) years of experience at the beginner level is recommended. The pace of an intermediate class is steady and fast but still allows for increased understanding of the concepts within the dance style.


For dancers with 3+ years experience, or by permission of the instructor. Encouragement of solid technique delivered at a appropriately quicker pace.


Registration in advanced classes is by audition only. Contact Kirstin Anderson, Dance School Manager, to arrange at audition.

Please note:

  • Not all levels are offered for all genres.
  • It is not uncommon for a dancer who is interested in dancing in more than one class, to register in more than one level (ie. a dancer may be competent at a Youth Jazz Intermediate level, but because of previous experience, need to register at a Beginner level for Youth Ballet).
  • It is not uncommon for dancers to stay at a ability level for more than one year.