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DJD x ILLFX Drop-in Classes

DJD and IllFX are collaborating to offer Friday street dance style classes!
$15 Drop-in
Intermediate/Advanced Level


February 3 – Ajay Musodi – 7:00-8:00
February 24 – Alysha Fisher – 7:00-8:00
March 3 – Madison Bullock – 7:00-8:00
March 17 – Cody Jaxon – 7:00-8:00
April 21 – Jay Riodique – 7:00-8:00
April 28 – Jon Ray Dy Buco – 7:00-8:00


international dance day – april 29

Come move with a DJD to celebrate International Dance Day! All classes are FREE and open level, we do encourage some movement experience from all participants.






9:15-10:15 AM Yoga Julie Funk This class flows as a vinyasa style hatha yoga. Unique imagery and cues are given that generate a feeling of dancing on the mat. Reflexology, Qi Gong,Traditional Chinese Medicine, and music heavily influence the classes experience.
9:30-11 AM Ballet Beginner Ingrid Diaz Encouraging solid understanding of posture, alignment, technique, and ballet aesthetic, our ballet classes will provide a welcoming atmosphere and professional instruction to all levels.
10-11 AM Jazz Kaja Irwin Come swing, groove,  twist and move with DJD Company dancer, Kaja Irwin.
10:15-11:15 AM Tounkara Fitness Carla Herrador This high energy West African dance-based fitness class will loosen your body and get your heart pounding. Easy to follow movements and electrifying music result in an excellent cardiovascular and full body workout. This class also incorporates muscle conditioning and flexibility training.
11 AM-12 PM Tap Tanis Baer Enjoy this Rhythm Tap class that will introduce technical foundations and encourage fun rhythmic play.
12-1 PM Family Jazz Janelle Schiffner Open to ages 8 years and older – it’s a jazz class, family style! Unaccompanied children and child-free adults welcome!
12-1 PM Hip Hop Miha Matevzic Groove it up, hip hop style, with DJD Company dancer Miha Matevzic.
1-2 PM Sharing Dance Rebecca Fishman Sharing Dance is Canada’s National Ballet School’s flagship community outreach initiative offering free dance programs for all Canadians. DJD is proud to be a facilitator and partner of Sharing Dance Calgary – come learn the first part of the choreography! All ages (7yrs +) welcome!
1-2 PM Caribbean Masani St Rose-Toth This high energy class will have you dancing to the Caribbean sounds of Claypso, Soca and Dancehall music. You will experience the West African and Latin roots of this social dance form with a focus on rhythm, body isolations and FUN! It’s time for Carnival!
2-3 PM West African Carla Herrador Immerse yourself in the rhythms, dances and songs of West Africa
3-4 PM Beyonce Blast Rodney Diverlus What else do we have to say? Come find your inner diva with DJD Company dancer Rodney Diverlus!