31 Jan

Borderland – Behind the Scenes

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The thought of it at first was nerve racking ; creating a piece of choreography within a 6 week time frame, not knowing what I wanted to create and how I wanted it to flow… In the blink of an eye its show week, and we are ready to rock like the soldiers we are. …

30 Jan

Borderland – Rubens Inspiration

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The name of my piece is “Love is Water.” This piece is about sadness and struggle. In Brazil I have done dance research based on the theme of love, and I decided to continue my research in that direction. The dancers are dancing to a bossa nova. To me, the bossa nova can be both …

26 Jan

Borderland – A day in the life

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Borderland opens tomorrow! I’m so excited to share my work with all of you this week. Many of you are curious about that a day in the life of a dancer is like, so here is a typical day in mine. See you soon, Audrey          

26 Jan

Borderland – The Music 2

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For me it always starts with the music.  It’s everything really, not just with dance but in all aspects of my life. It’s my muse. I think I started dancing in the first place because of my love for music (but only through being with DJD the past 7 years have I come to truly believe …

20 Jan

Borderland – Rodney’s Inspiration

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Into the Light, Out of the Blue Music – Kay My Dear- Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters THE BACKSTORY In the summer of 2006, I experienced a near-drowning experience wading in, what we called as kids, “Lake Marrón” (brown lake). Calm and shallow, Marrón’s waters were welcoming, but with each gust of wind, the underwater …

15 Jan

Borderland – The music

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As we get closer to the opening night of Borderland, an up-close, unadorned, experimental evening of dance choreographed and performed by the DJD dancers. we will feature each of our dancers/choreographers with a blog post about their experiences in creating Borderland. First up is Dinou Marlett Stuart giving us an inside look at how she …

1 Dec

Meet new DJD Company Apprentice Rubens Lopes

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It’s about time you met Rubens. This brilliant young man from Brazil has been dancing with DJD for the past few months. You probably noticed him in Year of the Horse, wondering “who is that guy”? Here’s his story: Name: Rubens Lopes Age: 26 Birthday: December, 14 Home town: Fortaleza, Brazil Years dancing: 10 Why …

15 Nov

The Costumes of Year of the Horse

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We had the pleasure of sitting down with Natalie Purschwitz to talk about designing the costumes for Year of the Horse: The Completely Fictional Adventures of Josephine Baker. We asked Natalie a to explain a few things about the costumes, hoping to give you, our audience, a better taste for what goes into the process …

12 Nov

About the music: Year of the Horse Q&A with Rubim de Toledo

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  Music is the backbone to any dance production and DJD’s newest show, Year of the Horse: The Completely Fictional Adventures of Josephine Baker, is no exception. From the beginning, Year of the Horse has your feet taping and inner jazz-lover smiling. Combined with the artistic direction of Kimberly Cooper and dancing prowess of the …

2 Oct

DJD presents the new DJD Loyalty Card

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  On the first day of dance classes this Fall, DJD students were surprised to receive our first ever DJD Loyalty Card. In it, students and their friends have access to a number of discounts and loyalty perks as a way for us to say “thanks for moving with us”! In the card pack, students …